Amanda {Motherhood}

These ladies. I love them SO much. Amanda and I met through a Facebook moms' group that she runs two and a half years ago. If I remember correctly, we started chatting on FB before we actually met in person. We then decided to have a play date with our girls who are similar ages. And thus our friendship began!

It's so funny that when you become a mom and NEED friends you just assume that everyone already has their friendships and that there is no need for you in their life. I always assume that the women around me already have positive, long term, established friendships. But what I've found is that, often times, this isn't true. Mommyhood often changes the things you look for in a friend. I am so blessed to say that I've found that in my mommy friendships!

Amanda is a gem and has a heart of gold. She's genuine, sweet and although she may not think it, she's down to earth. I've loved getting to know her and her sweet girls and am so glad that we connected! She is one of my best friends (haven't used that term in years!) and I'm so excited for her to come to Scotland in the near future and see where this friendship goes! July will of course not be the end. :)

P.S. If this doesn't make you want your own mother/daughter session, I don't know what will!