I was a fraud once...

Gosh, I've spent so much of my business trying to be someone I wasn't, trying to blog the way I thought I was supposed to, trying making myself seem interesting to everyone else. But all the while I was dreading the blog posts I wrote and felt like a fraud! Much of the rebranding of my business was to start over and create a new identity for myself. I decided that right from the get go my business would be about telling my story and making sure that my clients and followers knew ME. I would no longer blog what I felt I should be and in someone else's style or take photos that mirrored someone else's. My goal was to write what I felt in my heart and take (and edit) my photos in a way that make me smile from ear to ear even if no one anywhere reads my posts or likes my work!

Oh, there are so many times that I click publish on a blog post or on a photo and wonder if (1) anyone is going to read it and (2) if I'm the only one that will identify with it. But that's where my leap of faith comes in!

This year I decided to take a step back from weddings and only take on a select few. But boy was that difficult! Weddings are what often get the most attention from peers and clients. It's hard to step away from that spotlight! My decision to focus on motherhood came from my own passion as a mother and my deep desire to see mother's captured with their children. Not necessarily the most spotlight giving niche!

But here's the deal (and this is so true of your dreams too), I have to believe that even if I bare my soul on my blog, even if no one reads it, even if I am sometimes too personal, even if I pursue a branch of photography that won't make me look glamorous, I have to believe that I'm on the right path when I'm staying true to who I am. My personal business style may not be for everyone, and that's ok! But I have to believe that God will fulfill this dream of mine in His timing by taking a road less traveled even when it seems crazy.

So what is this crazy dream?

1. I would LOVE to photograph you and your babies (no matter how old or young!).
2. I DREAM of traveling across the globe photographing you mamas in beautiful locations, in beautiful dresses, and your adorable children.
3. It would be my JOY to be a destination photographer to a small group of brides a year so that I can dedicate so much more time to you!

Are my dreams crazy? Yes.
Are they impossible? Heck no.
Will they come true? Man, I hope so.

Don't be afraid to dream, people, and most of all, don't be someone else because when your dream comes true it needs to be YOU fulfilling it and not someone else!