Ok guys, we've been holding on to this secret for awhile now. We've been discussing it for about a year and it wasn't going to take place until 2017 but plans have changed big time! My family and I are SO excited (and nervous) to announce that...


Yes, I do mean in less than three months from now! This decision only came about a few weeks ago so you can imagine that it has been a crazy few weeks!

So what does this mean for Simply Green?

1. It means that if you have ever wanted photos taken by me, now is your chance! I would love to see as many of your smiling faces as I can before I go! Here are my remaining dates for this year.

2. I will be back in Richmond in October for a couple of weddings and will be booking fall sessions for that time

3. If you are in Scotland, I am booking family sessions from the moment I arrive at the beginning of July.

4. If you are in Scotland or Europe and are getting married in 2017, let's chat! I am currently booking 2017 weddings so don't wait and tell your friends!!

We are nervous about this change and taking a huge leap of faith but we are excited about the adventures to come with this massive move! We are going to miss Richmond more than we can say but it will always hold a huge place in my heart!

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