So I failed at being in the WNBA... - Richmond, Virginia and UK Family Photographer

Richmond, Virginia and UK Family Photographer

Between the ages of 10 and 13 I had career aspirations just like any other tween might have. I believed in my ability to achieve these huge goals and never once thought they were ridiculous. I will now share with you my top three dreams...

1. To be in the WNBA - I practiced every day until my dream was crushed when I didn't make the basketball team in 6th grade.

2. To be a research chemist - this dream ceased to be a dream as I realized that I was terrible at chemistry once I got past simply understanding the periodic table.

3. To be a professional singer - this one was actually a possibility as I did pursue a degree in voice but after many vocal swellings and tears, I decided that was not for me.

BUT, despite the tiny setback in my plan to become a professional basketball player, I never once thought my dreams were stupid or pointless or that I couldn't achieve them. I tried and, yes, I failed at achieving these goals but I did try and at the end of the day all of the failures led me to my greatest dreams of being a photographer, a mom, and a wife.

So why am I mentioning this? Earlier today I was giving my daughter a bath and at the end I told her to clean up her toys. On the wall of our shower is a little net that you can throw balls into like basketball (ironic, yes). We store a variety of her toys in it and as she was cleaning up she wanted to throw a cup and try to make it into the basket. I said no because, and I quote, "You might get water on the floor." What?! What kind of logic is that?! As those words rolled out of my mouth I wanted to slap myself for not allowing her to try to succeed at something so small as throwing a cup into a net because I didn't feel like cleaning up the mess if she failed. Maybe if my mom had stopped me from playing basketball I wouldn't have made some truly terrible fashion choices like socks with sandals and sports t-shirts with long shorts and ponytails everyday but then where would I be if she had stopped me? No, she supported me through my basketball phase and comforted me when I failed to make the team.

So, again, why am I mentioning this? A friend came to me today and said that she was feeling discouraged about a new found passion of hers. Despite the amazing job that she's doing, the words of others were digging deep and making her want to give up. Sure, there are some times when a dream is not meant to be (ahem, being a research chemist) but then there are times when something will come along and you just KNOW in the depths of your soul that this is what you were created to do. And when that feeling runs that deep you cannot quit. Even if you fail and even if everyone around you were to tell you that you're no good, you don't quit. Yes, I gave up my WNBA dreams because I was told I was no good but that dream was not a deep one - photography is. Even if the world were to tell me that I'm terrible, I could not and would not stop because it's like therapy for my heart and clarity in my daily life.

So if you have a dream and you have a goal and it makes you get out of bed each day, don't stop reaching for it!

That's the beauty you were meant to add to the world.