Storytelling - Who I am as a photographer

Richmond, Virginia and UK Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I was asked by a fellow photographer what I strive to capture while I'm photographing a session whether it be a family, a couple, a wedding, a child, my own kids. My answer was laughter. But it's so much more than that. I strive to capture stories. I strive to capture romance. Maybe romance seems like a weird thing to try to capture in a family photo but I want my images to speak romantically in that they seep of love.

If we're friends on Facebook you know that I pretty much only post one photograph (or at least just one a day) from a group of photos that I take of my children or that I have taken of us. I don't like the number of photos posted to take away from the one specific image that I feel sums up the story of what we did or what happened. I am all about minimalism! So when I post a photo it's because that one photo portrays an emotion and a story that I want to tell.

Here are a few stories behind some of my images...

Yesterday, my daughter and I decided to celebrate National Waffle Day one day late. We are OBSESSED with waffles...that's not even an overstatement. We really are! I made normal sweet waffles and cheese waffles. If you've never made cheese waffles before you are totally missing out. Then dip them in some pasta sauce or salsa...YUM!

I took loads of photos of my daughter but there was one photo in particular above any others that I knew I wanted to share as the photo to sum up our picnic. It's of Isla's sweet sticky fingers eating a piece of waffle that is dripping with syrup. I could have posted a wider photo of our picnic or focused on a photo of the waffles and all of our dips, but no, this one photo sums up our mommy/daughter/son date for me.

The other morning I fixed Isla a bowl of cereal and then sat on the arm of the couch to eat my own. After I got up I looked back and she's sitting in the exact same spot as me in the exact same position. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a bunch of photos trying to capture her crazy hair and her beautiful face but the rest of them will never see the light of day except for me. This one photo is the one that captures the moment for me of her craziness, her scruffiness, and her mini me-ness (making up words now) so that's the one I'll share! I have so many hundreds of photos that will never be seen because I choose to only show the one photo that truly captures how I was feeling in that exact moment. There is nothing wrong with sharing as many photos as you like! This is just my personal preference for how I manage the hundreds of photos I take. :)

Yesterday, Milo turned one month old. All the tears! I can't believe it! I took loads of photos of him of course but I chose to only show the two most important ones: his feet and his face. These are the two parts of him that I want to remember the most at this age. His feet are just so cute and tiny and his face... well, his face is so darn handsome!

In this age where we can take more photos in half an hour than we could ever take in a year before phone cameras, I choose to stay minimalist in the photos that I post online so that the photos I do post are the most impacting. Oh, you better be sure that I have so many I would love to share but I want my singular images to speak for themselves and tell the story of what happened. If I can capture the emotion, the story and the beauty of an event in one single photo then I have accomplished more for my clients than capturing hundreds of photos without heart. And that is my goal for everything I photograph.

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