And that's why it's pizza for dinner...{mommy ramblings}

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Oh, today was one for the books. I tell you. Maybe you're wondering why I keep telling my mommyhood stories. Who really cares, right? Well, if you're like me, motherhood can be a lonely place of annoying situations. I have no real words of wisdom - just stories and how I come out the other side still feeling like Super Woman (even if the outcome is simply getting two kids to bed at a reasonable hour). 

So's what went wrong: 

1. Milo peed out of two outfits in the span of 30 minutes before we even got out of bed.
2. Milo peed on the bed.
3. Milo peed all over the changing table.
4. Milo projectile vomited all over the floor and his bouncer.
5. The dog was completely misbehaving and barking at the neighbors at 8am on a Saturday morning so there I was out in the backyard in my pajamas trying to do some dog training early in the morning.
6. Isla decided to begin potty training and peed all over the floor, herself and the rug.
7. Milo was crazy gassy which made him fussy.
8. Milo refused to be put down all day.
9. We decided to go on a family walk and attempting to get out of the house was like watching a terrible comedy sketch.
10. I had four baskets of laundry to put away which means that NO dishes got done because there was no time.
11. I let our toddler watch as much tv as she wanted because, heck, the day was already ruined.
12. Isla had a meltdown because I couldn't rock her to sleep while holding a newborn which made me feel like a terrible mother.
13. Dog almost knocks toddler down the concrete steps.
14. We reward Isla with a popsicle for going on the potty but the popsicle is too cold and gives her a brain freeze.
15. I had two children having meltdowns when I simply wanted to shower and dry my hair.

It goes on but I'll stop right there.

BUT, all that to say...I got the boxed pizza in the oven! Success!

All my husband and I could do was laugh at every single mishap. So if you are having a terrible day, just remember to laugh. Each incident won't seem nearly as bad if you just burst out laughing at the absurdness of your day. No matter how many times you get peed on, it's all the pee-soaked loads of laundry that make life worth it. And as crazy as my family makes me, I suppose I'll keep them around.

Keep laughing and keep living! <3

Photo Credit: Simple Wild Love

Photo Credit: Simple Wild Love

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