Grandma + Granddaughter Sunset Session

Richmond, Virginia Family Photography

Lakeside Sunset Session

Richmond, Virginia and Scotland Family Photographer

Meet my mom and my daughter, Isla! I know you've seen many photos of my daughter so far. Sorry not sorry as they say. :) That sweet little face, I just can't help but share it!

This session is so close to my heart. Grant me a second to shamelessly plug grandmother/mother/granddaughter/daughter sessions. Do them! So often moms and grandmas don't have photos taken with their children/grandchildren and it's such a sad sad thing! Of course your children are important but I guarantee that they want to see you in their photos in years to come! And grandmas, that means you too!! Book a session for just you and your grandkids! I promise it's worth it and if these photos are any indication, they will be absolutely priceless in years to come!

So that being said, this session with my own mother and daughter was a dream. First of all, the perfect color matching in their outfits was a complete fluke. Maybe I shouldn't admit that! I just didn't realize how perfectly they were going to match! So sweet, right?! The afternoon was also completely overcast and threatened rain to the point that we thought we'd have to call off the session but we decided to power through. I will admit that I would almost rather photograph in completely overcast skies than with sun because I think the photos come out so dreamy, soft and romantic. Completely my style.

Enjoy these sweet photos and consider having some of your own taken with your children or with your grandchildren! These photos will forever be heirlooms to my daughter.