Silvery threads - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

Looking out the airplane window ribbons of flashing light gleamed from the world below. What I thought were just bright lights trying to capture my gaze were actually reflections from the huge moon in the sky unobstructed by any clouds. As I gazed at the countryside leading into cityscape below as we descended back into our former yet now completely different life here in Richmond ribbons of light flashed through the landscape like electricity flowing between every living thing. As the moon reflected off of each stream and lake and puddle and river for just an instant the water became shiny and silvery.

I was mesmerized by the sight and equally filled with joy by it. Sometimes like can seem like a disjointed mess with so many separate moments. But in the darkness of the night sky in my tiny dark vessel when the world looked flat and empty below there was the reminder of the silver threads that weave everything together. The image of the barren landscape below was shattered as the moon revealed the hidden tapestry below with its silvery threads.


Life is all woven together. Each day I'm reminded more and more that the choices we make and the paths we follow all affect everyone other persons choices and actions.


Too big.


That's heavy isn't it? Doesn't that mean that we should live each day with the responsibility of knowing that what we do in every second of our lives can either build or destroy the seconds in other lives and the world?

Too big.

Live this moment right now, right this second, in the choice to:

Be love

Be patient

Be kind

Be graceful

Be generous

Be genuine

Be ...


Live. Really live.