Life update! - Aberdeen, Scotland Famil Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

It occurred to me that I haven't posted a life update in awhile! I can't believe that in just three and a half short weeks I will be returning to Virginia indefinitely. I feel like I've been in Scotland for so much longer than nine weeks. In this short amount of time I have relearned driving on the left, established some sort of daily schedule, made friends, joined a small group, joined a church, photographed beautiful people, explored, learned how to light a fire, designed our under construction house, eaten many many scones and so much more. The past nine weeks have been so full of adventure. I can't even believe I've not been here for longer.

Leaving in three weeks is such a mixed emotion. I'm not ready to go but I'm also so excited to be reunited with my family and friends in Virginia. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas with them, shop in my favorite places (Target), go see Christmas lights, bake with friends. I can't wait!

In case you are wondering - because it's a question I get a lot - yes, I am taking both kids with me and they will both stay with me even when Scott returns to Scotland without us. No more time apart for Isla and me! She will never leave my side again and I will even move into her dorm room with her when she goes to college. I fail to see the problem...This time in the US will be much easier knowing that my children are with me. What is hard is not knowing when we'll be back here. All going well, no later than mid-January! Fingers crossed and prayers said.

Whatever happens, I am at peace. Life is funny and our plans never work out the way we expect so I am okay with whatever happens. I believe that God is intimately involved in every area of my life and that the timeline of my life is no different. I am so excited to move back to Scotland for good but I am excited to see what happens in the in-between time.

So if you would like to have any coffee dates with me before December 12th or have any coffee dates and/or set up a family session for when I'm in Virginia, I would LOVE that!  (If you haven't heard, I have six slots available for family/couples sessions when I'm there. A few of which are taken already.) I am so excited for Christmas plans! I want coffee dates. I want to host a Sole Cutting Party (not as sketchy as it sounds. Find out more here and let me know if you want to come! Sole Hope ). I want to photograph pretty faces. I want to eat at Panera. I want gallons of iced coffee. I want to eat at every single one of my favorite restaurants and cafes. And I want to have wine and dessert nights with my favorite ladies.

So to everyone that I have met so far in Scotland, I love you all already for accepting me and I am so excited about getting to know you more! And to everyone in Virginia, I can't wait to see you soon!

BTW, the only way to get my son to smile for photos is if he roams around naked. So I cropped out his naked little bum.