The path of most resistance - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Oh deary me, friends. Yesterday I pulled my back lifting my three year old. It was the kind of moment where I lifted her and knew in that instant that it was a terrible terrible decision. I mean, I carry her all the time but this time followed a few days of upper body workouts and a run. I lifted her and my back seized up and I wanted to drop her.

So here I sit trying my best to be a mom with a back that won't allow me to lift my children or even stand for the headaches that the knots in my back create. Gah! What a day. And I have no wood for a fire in our house that is heated purely through firepower. What a day. Massage anyone?

But regardless of that I sit here pondering a beautiful message in my heart from Priscilla Shearer. The other day I listened to one of her sermons and one section in particular struck a chord so deep in my heart that I just had to share. I often have so many plans and dreams and goals running wild in my mind. If you know me you know how much I love to dream and plan and how I am always thinking of ways that I could change the world or simply just love on people. My mind is always running with ideas for my business or friendships or huge plans for the future. I love the possibility of accomplishing great things and love spending hours getting lost in my own thoughts on amazing possible paths in life.

But so often, when I have a great idea the actual accomplishing of those goals seems so daunting and overwhelming that it makes me either pause or change course. So often I think that if the path I'm looking at is the right one that I wouldn't be riddled with self-doubt, stress and fear. I'll let you in on a few of my dreams that seem so impossible I want to change course:

1. Adoption
2. Having a third baby
3. Writing a book
4. Be a full-time blogger

These are a few of my goals that I often feel so overwhelmed by because I either perceive them to create so much extra stress, I don't have the funds for them or the time, or I feel like I lack the necessary skills to make it happen. And these fears can make me want to change course or even give up these dreams. Yet, something that Priscilla said made my heart skip a beat and spoke confirmation in my heart that I AM on the right path and that some of these things (if not all) WILL come to pass.

She said that so often we pray that God would open the door that we are meant to go through and that when we come to a door with resistance or stress or fear that we assume we aren't meant to head in that direction. However, what we should actually see is that Satan does not want you or I to follow the path that leads to the most blessings and fulfillment and so will make the right path appear impossible or too hard. But at the end of the day we have a God who walks with us. We have a God who is bigger than the obstacles. We have a God who sees how to navigate the path to lead us to the very best. To put it another way, nothing good in life comes easily. Amen?

So when I heard that message, I heard: adoption WILL be hard but it WILL happen. I heard: having a third child WILL be hard but it WILL come with so many blessings. I heard: I am filling your heart with all of these crazy dreams that WILL be fulfilled.

As comforting as that is the path to these things will be hard but I'd rather follow the paths with the greatest blessings than the paths with the least resistance.