Rachel + Ricky {engaged} - Aberdeen, Scotland Wedding Photography

Intimate Scotland Beach Engagement
Aberdeen, Scotland Wedding Photography

I feel like it's been awhile since I've actually blogged photos of other people! Lately my blog has been overtaken by personal stories and moments and photos of my own family. So now it's time to share photos of the beautiful people that I have the privilege of photographing!

First up is Rachel and Ricky. Rachel and I have been following each other and chatting on Instagram for ages now! I honestly don't even know how long as this point but we had never actually met each other...until now! It was so fun spending the evening with these two. After rescheduling their engagement session twice - almost a third time - we took a chance on the weather and went ahead with their photos. I am so glad we did! I adore cloudy skies because of their soft moodiness.

I cannot wait for their sweet little backyard wedding next year because I know it's going to be just as lovely as they are!

Thank you Rachel and Ricky for putting up with my madness, scatterbrained-ness, and daring to walk on slippery rocks for me!