Date nights - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

This morning I awoke with two littles in my bed, my husband on the other side and the smell of fall in the air. I love that crisp smell full of sweet cinnamon, the promise of frost and falling dead leaves. It's the smell that makes you equally excited to jump out of bed to being a great day but also want to stay in bed cuddling. I wish I could say that the morning continued on in sweetness but sadly, no. However, I choose to look at the beauty of this morning.

The sun is shining. I have an amazing partner in crime. I have coffee in my hand. My baby is asleep while I write. It IS a sweet morning despite the drama earlier. Seriously though. As I write I'm sitting in the car with the view of a beautiful old church in my side mirror. Perfect.

It's been a pretty great few days. I know I keep going on about how great life is and hope I don't come across as bragging! I actually apologized to a friend recently about this because I felt like I was always talking about how amazing my life is! She assured me this isn't the case but more of an excitement about life. That's such a better way of looking at it! I'm excited about life!

On Saturday, Scott and I had our first date in about nine months. Between having a baby, moving, being countries apart and breastfeeding, a baby-free date has not happened other than running to the grocery store. Romantic! As much as I love errand running (I actually really do) I wanted an excuse to get all gussied up and wear heels! I suppose I could wear them around the house while I work, cook and carry babies and I'm sure my husband would love that I've never been super girly. I consider my style to be functionally cute. I prefer to look cute for my husband but with a comfy and functional purpose: skinny jeans, t-shirt, cardigan.

But I digress! On Saturday we went on a date. An incredibly overdue date. We began the day as a family going to Ikea to dream about our future home and ending at the beach by our home to play and run and dance. Despite some pretty consistent whinyness from members of our family it was perfect and peaceful. The lighting, y'all. Oh my. The sky and sea were the same color: a beautiful pastel blue and purple and the shoreline was like lace along the beach. Despite getting caught in the ride and filling my boots with water, it was lovely.

We then dropped off the kids with their grandparents and out we went to Moonfish Cafe. Nom nom nom...perfection Scott and I are snooty about food. There, I said it. Living in the Napa Valley ruined us! But let me clarify, if you invite us over for a home cooked meal we won't be snooty about that! So don't rescind your dinner invite. ;) We are huge food lovers. However, as amazing as our meal and time together wa, at the end I told Scott, "I miss our kids. We want time away from them but then when we are away, we miss them." Can I get an amen? I feel like you just can't win as a mom!

After dinner our plan was to go somewhere else for a drink. We walked around town (mind, it was Halloween weekend which equals girls walking around with minimal clothing. Please honey! Here's my coat! Take it! You look so cold!) and ended up at one place but the bar was full of a group of guys dressed up as golfers playing pub golf. Now, I have never been a drinker so I honestly don't know what that is so I take Scott's word for it that that's what they were playing. We sit down, the waitress brings menus, the pub golf continues. Scott to me, "Those guys are too loud. It's too loud in here. Let's go somewhere else." We leave. Ha! What old parents we are! We're only twenty-nine!

So we walk down the street and notice that our favorite coffee shop in town is open until 2 am! Score! We wend our date with a cup of coffee while we reminisce about when we met, dream about future plans and flirt. Yes, we still flirt. All the time! Then we take a walk about talked about my dreams. A perfect night and we didn't have to miss our kids for long because Isla decided she wanted to be with us and not stay at her grandparents' for the night like she originally wanted to. More cuddles for me. :)

If anyone wants baby cuddles you are welcome to babysit any time you want so we can go out on a date! ;) Those dates refresh my soul.