Our days of peace - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

There are some mornings when I wake up with my heart so full even after a terrible night's sleep that I feel the urge, no, the need, to write. To write about life, to preserve my memories in a way that tells stories that go along with my photos. I write to keep these memories alive. I write so that these moments never fade and will always be.

This life I'm living and loving at the moment is so precious. Each day has it's struggles but my heart is so full of happiness and joy. I never dread getting up in the morning. This morning I was given the opportunity to sleep in until as late as I'd like the but the idea of staying in bed away from my sweet babies was impossible. You may laugh at me. Trust me, I'm as sleep deprived as the next mama and often need my moments of quietude but the yearning to cuddle my children was too great to stay in bed.

Lately, life has been full of laughter and smiles. My husband and I have late night chats under our covers so that we don't wake Milo sleeping just a few feet away from us. We giggle at stupid jokes that no one besides us would find funny. The blessing of being able to fall asleep next to him at night is such a welcome and beautiful change in our lives. For the past five years he has worked in restaurants which brought him home late and I was usually already in bed knowing I'd be up with the kids in the morning. I love our stupid nightly laughter.

Last night we invented a new game: rock, paper, scissors, anything. Obviously we did not invent the game but we added our spin. We eventually had to bring the game back to earth as we started using things like the black hole to win the game. Cheating so I tried to create parameters for the game by saying that it has to be something on earth but of course my husband chose the Higgs Boson while I chose a shovel. OBVIOUSLY, I won...

Our lives are busy, trust me. We have so much on our plates but there's a difference about us as a family that is so refreshing since we've moved. There is an air of calm and peace surrounding us that we didn't have before. Life is simpler and happier. Don't get me wrong, I adore and love Richmond and miss it (especially Target. I'm having dreams about Target today because I need cute office supplies!) but the stress that was always waiting to bubble over at the first sign of struggle is gone here.

Life is too short to not be in a place that fulfills your dreams. Life is too short to live with craziness.

The other day I was on a run reflecting over the amazing journey we're on and how amazingly fortunate we are. It got me thinking over how precious and short this life is. It's too short to sit still. It's too short to waste even a moment. My vow is to make every moment count. I know I'll fail but my desire is to do something great with this beautiful life I've been given I want to be a world changer and that has to begin with a desire to make every second count towards loving others.

But I digress...that's a blog post for another day! For now though, I go back to my family and our memories.

More laughs. More adventures. More play. More cuddles. More peace.

(This photo is not of my child but it's so perfect for this post!)

Aberdeen Scotland Family Photography