To my husband - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

I know I can be a jerk. I know I demand too much time. In fact, I've been accused of that before. I value people's time and attention so much and soak it up like a sponge. I know I can be needy. I was once told that those of us who show love through quality time can be the most exhausting people to be around because we require too much of people's time to feel loved and valued. That's a tall order for anyone to fill! We feel deeply and desire the deepest and closest relationships with others. I understand, it's tiring.


But dear dearest husband, our conversations breathe life into my soul. Your focus on me fills my heart with meaning. Our giggles and full bellied laughs are the music I dance to. Your listening ear as I complain and rejoice make me feel grounded. The way we talk for hours over walks are the sweetest part of my day.


I can never truly explain the way your time lifts me up. I may seem needy but that neediness is a desire to deeply know and be deeply known.


So dear husband, thank you for always trying to fill my cup. Thank you for letting me talk your ear off. Thank you for humoring me and laughing at my unfunny jokes. Thank you for taking walks with me just so I can dream with you.


And in the words of Julia Child, "You are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life."