In the still dark morning - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

I lie here in the darkness of the early morning knowing that even at 7am there is still almost an hour left until sunrise. On my right a sleeping suckling baby, comfort nursing after a long night of waking often. And on my left, my three year old cuddling into me, stroking my face. Daddy has already left for work. As I lie here in the silence before the day begins with my sleeping babies beside me in the warmth of our duvet, it hits me that I am exactly where I need to be.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer Photography

It isn't often that I go through my day realizing that where I am and what I'm doing is exactly where I should be but lying in the dark, cuddling my babies, I realize that in this moment, I am doing exactly and completely what I should be. I shouldn't be up making coffee or getting kids dressed or making breakfast just yet. I shouldn't be worrying about the day ahead. I simply just need to be. Be still. Be silent. Be cuddled.

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In this moment it is just me and my cubs embracing each other away from the entire world. In this moment I give my babies every ounce of my love and attention giving them the closeness that they need. For once, in a world of distractions and second guessing, the decision to stay in bed and simply be still is exactly where I belong.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer Photography