The Corner Store Mom - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

This morning I woke up nursing my son ten million times before the hour of 7am. Ok, maybe not ten million but sometimes it feels that way doesn't it? I finish nursing him, he goes back to sleep for a little bit and within an hour my milk lets down.

"Why are you doing this to me, body?! I've already nursed so many times this morning, I don't feel like doing it again!"

And of course I don't have pads in so I leak (sorry men that are reading this! It's just the unfortunate truth of breastfeeding!). Upon discovering this I tell my husband laying next to me and my daughter, laying on the other side of me, hears me tell him. And then, to Milo crawling around the floor at the foot of the bed she yells, "Milo! Your milk is here! Come get your milk! There's milk for you!"

Yes....I kid you not. If that doesn't make me feel like the corner store, I don't know what does! And it got me thinking. So much of my day makes me feel like the corner store. I'm needed for so many different jobs and feel like I have to be the keeper of so many different things just to get through life. It's exhausting.

It's like when you buy bread. You buy the bread and think, good, now I've topped up my stash so we're good for awhile, but then you're immediately out of eggs. So you buy the eggs and then you're out of milk. So you buy the milk and then you're out of butter. So you buy the butter and you're out of milk again. And the cycle continues. Motherhood is the same.

You make the kids breakfast and put a pot of coffee on. But then the kid needs to have her bum wiped after the potty while the baby falls over and starts screaming. So you wipe the bum and rescue the baby but then breakfast isn't cut in the exact right way. So you begin cutting the breakfast smaller while the baby climbs up your leg so you can't walk anywhere. So you get the baby off of you and make your way to the coffee you brewed but the kid has a meltdown over her sleeve falling down into her food. So you bypass the coffee and go for the sleeve while the baby grabs a pen and starts chewing covering his face in ink. So you grab the pen while the kid shouts that she needs water. But finally, everything is calm. You go back to your coffee and have a moment to yourself...

...The coffee is cold.

You dump it out.

Rinse and repeat, I guess. 

But, gosh, I love these too.

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photography Photographer