Oh, those little family moments... - Richmond, VA Family Photography

Oh, those little family moments...

Richmond Virginia Family Photographer

Isla has major sleep issues. As in, she wakes up 2-3 hours a night and always finds her way into our bed. She's always been a bad sleeper ever since she was born. There was about a year and a half where she woke up every 1-2 hours. I kid you not. (Yes, yes, I will take all the sympathy Starbucks you'd like to give me.) 

Are you in my boat? Jump! Jump out of my boat! I have no wish for anyone to have to deal with these sleep issues! And then adding a new born next month? Lord Jesus help me. Seriously.  

So last night, poor girl, she decided that instead of getting into trouble by her daddy for getting up yet again in the middle of the night and being told to go back to bed - again - she slept for at least an hour or so underneath our bed around 2am. I only found her because I sensed that she wasn't in her room, went to look and kicked her feet that were sticking out. My heart absolutely broke. 

So as I sat rocking her for the next hour trying to get her back to sleep I was reminded that it won't always be like this. As I sat there she kept lavishing kisses on me. My baby won't always need me. But what she will always need i for me to be there when she needs me. She needs me to model love, patience and grace even when the Lord knows I feel anything but. And of course she needs me to model good nail painting techniques and baking procedures because priorities, of course. 

So send me those gift cards or at least a fantastic under eye concealer. Because I'm going to need them.