Why Motherhood?

Why change direction? Why narrow my focus so much?  


This has been such a hard decision and one that I am scared to have lept into. When I started my business my goal was always to be a wedding photographer. I adore weddings. I cry at every one I photograph. I love the fast paced nature of them. I love the moment the bride steps into her dress. I love the first dance. I really just love it all. So this choice didn't come easily. 


If I'm honest, I didn't want to change direction because weddings are glamorous. Mommyhood is not. Wedding photography makes you popular. Mommyhood, not as much. Having the trust of your couples to capture their day perfectly is an amazing thing. It's such an honor and a privilege. It's one I don't ever take lightly! So choosing to capture motherhood and putting weddings second? What the heck am I thinking? God must be crazy in calling me to do this! (Don't worry, I'd still LOVE to capture your wedding but I will only take on about six weddings for the entire year!) 


But you know what? How can I not use my talents to bless other mothers? I practice day in and day out taking photos of my family and making sure that I'm in those photos with them. I have trained my eye to wait, to anticipate and to see a sweet moment blossom. I know what it feels like to feel unpretty somedays. I know what it's like to be stressed out when your kids won't cooperate for photos. I know what it's like to want to bottle up all of the tender moments each day and keep them forever. I get you mama. I get your struggles and your desires. Knowing my own emotions, my own extreme love of my children and my own heartache at the thought of them growing older how can I not choose to glorify motherhood? 


As I'm pregnant with my second child I often feel blah and just unglamorous. I feel like a beached whale and don't understand how my husband can find me beautiful at the moment. But I know that he does and I know that the insecurities are all in my head. Pregnant women are stunning and they deserve to be portrayed as such!  


Oh this change will not be easy but I am so excited to have you along on this journey with me. I'm excited to share my personal motherhood stories and showcase the stories of others. I'm excited to help other moms see their beauty and the joy that their children feel around them. Moms, you are beautiful, you are selfless, you radiate love. My goal and my absolute desire is to cut through the stigma that you've created for yourself that you aren't pretty enough, skinny enough or glamorous enough to be in photos with your kids. I want to break the habit that makes us say, "I look ugly in that picture. I look fat. This is my good side. Just take photos of my kids instead." No! These are all lies! You look beautiful when you laugh in photos along with your kids. You look beautiful when you gaze into your husband's eyes. You look beautiful just being you as you are right now. Not a few years ago and not when you get back in shape. YOU are you now and there's only one of you and your kids want YOU. So get into those photos with them and enjoy every moment. Because when you do and when you stop being so hard on yourself, you'll see the beauty that I see with every photo I take.