I won't say no to that! - Richmond, VA and Aberdeen, UK Family Photography

No, I certainly won't say no!

Richmond, VA and Aberdeen UK Family Photography

The other day I finished getting my two year ready for bed but told her that I needed to get the dishes done before I put her to bed. I hate getting up in the morning with dirty dishes sitting around! She replies that she wants to help me. *swoon*

So we walk to the kitchen together. She grabs a kitchen table chair, slides it over the sink and grabs a sponge. I ask if she wants help and she says no. She won't even let me help! What?! Where did this kid come from!

Naturally I supervised the process but she actually did a great job! And of course I wasn't going to say no to the help! You go right on ahead and clean those dishes baby girl! Yes, I cried because of the sweetness. Doing the dishes did result in having to change her into different pajamas but, heck, that's ok! Teach them young and let them learn new skills! And if it just so happens that those skills mean you can sit down and read a magazine there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. ;)