Gayle and family - Aberdeenshire, Scotland Family Photography

 Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography 


It was such a joy photographing this beautiful family! I think you'll agree that their outfits and session location were perfect! When my clients book their sessions with me I send them a style guide to help them plan what they'd like to wear. I love when they take on my suggestions because it makes a huge difference to the look, feel and confidence levels of the session!

Aberdeen Scotland Family Photographer

Gayle and family's session was a breeze! Little Magnus tried to give us a run for our money choosing a more pensive face for the session but his adorable no matter his expression! Kids are funny! You just never know what their mood will be but we managed to coax some smiles out!

I am beyond thrilled to share their photos with you! Enjoy swooning over them!

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Cambodia, Italy and Mamahood [weekly update] - Aberdeenshire, Scotland Family Photographer

Aberdeenshire, Scotland Family Photographer 

This week has been all about preparing for our upcoming trip to Bulgaria! We are so excited! It will be the first time we are away from both kids for longer than 24 hours. As I told my husband and a friend today, I oscillate between extreme excitement about photographing a sweet friend getting married in a new country and complete dread over leaving the kids behind. That's mom life, am I right? "Take my kids! Give me rest... no wait, bring them back!"

But I'm so excited. Excited over new sights, new foods, hot sunshine, no parenting, the beach. Bulgaria was never on my radar to visit until I was asked to photograph my friends wedding and I started googling photos. Yes please!

I also got back into my "Cooking Through the World'' project this week with Italy and Cambodia being our counties. Last week we also did Malawi so I'll include that here too. (See the end of the post for recipes followed.)


We had friends over for dinner on Sunday night and, as is tradition in my family home, we host homemade pizza night. We invite people over, have a million toppings to choose from and everyone makes their own pizzas. So we decided to start that tradition in our home. The pizzas may not be Italian replicas but you've never had pizza until you've had homemade pizzas with pesto, yummy cheese, veggies, and olive oil and salt on the crust.

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer


Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer

Then last night we had Cambodian food. I had been preparing this food for almost three days! On the first day of the dish, Bai Sach Chrouk, I made homemade pickled cucumbers, carrots and radishes. I confess, I forgot to add slices of ginger that I know would have greatly changed the taste of the meal. Then the day before we made the meal I marinated the pork for about 18 hours. We then grilled the pork shoulder and put it on top of rice with green onions, pickled veggies and chicken broth. Soooo yummy!

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer

I love all the foods we are getting to try! I know I can never totally do them justice but at least we're exploring and my kids have eaten every single thing!


The last meal we've had so far is from Malawi. It is a maize based dish that you eat aside different relishes like the tomato and kale one I made. you grab a chunk of cooked maize and scoop up the relish. I have to say, I was the only one that went plate and fork-less. Everyone else was lame! But regardless, it was tasty and super simple.

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer

That's it for food for now but enjoy this week's installment of Mamahood 365 moments! Sadly a couple of days were missed when I didn't really see my kids or simply forgot. This is a complete schedule change so I forget to factor it in to my day! But at least I'm trying! And thank you to everyone who's given me such encouragement with this project! It means so much that people are inspired by what I'm doing!

Until next week!


Mamahood 365

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

I have a slight obsession with my kids. Is that okay to admit? But I'm sure I'm not alone in my obsession over my own children. Because of these feelings I decided to start a new project. I am still cooking my way through the world, never you fear! Up this week is a meal from Malawi. But I digress...

While sitting in my kids' room waiting for them to fall asleep I suddenly had this overwhelming need to capture each day with my kids. Maybe you're like me and you have the worst long term memory. I blame it on moving so many times in my life. It was a survival tactic. By not allowing myself to think of where and who I just left behind it made it easier to move on. I'm what they call a third culture kid. A kid who identifies with one culture (in my case American) but grew up in cultures other than their own. It is the most amazing gift I could have ever been given but with it came the heartache of leaving so many people behind. Yet thank God for social media because I can follow so many old friends lives which I honestly love and our paths can cross anywhere in the world. LOVE IT!

But like I said. this amazing gift came with the side affect of blocking out a lot of my life because the pain of loss was too great. So now I earnestly seek to hold on to every moment I have even though I know I can't. I want to look back and remember the small things in our days like bath time escape artists and tickly toes at shoe time. I want my kids to see how we loved, laughed, played and did life together. Because of this I have decided to take a photo a day with my kids.

Now, these are not just phone photos or selfies.These are real photos of real moments in our day captured with my real camera. Does this project sound daunting and very easy to fail at? absolutely. I'm exhausted just thinking about it but I'm so excited for the end result! I admit I've only been doing this for just over a week and have already missed two days because I forget. It's a lifestyle change for sure!

So enjoy the first glimpses of what this project will look like and cheer me on as I do my best to make this project a monumental memory!

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Khinkali {Georgian food} - Aberdeen, Scotland Food Blogger

Aberdeen, Scotland Food Photographer

One eye open.
Two eyes open.
Two child eyes looking into mine.
Deep breath in.
Salty sea air fills my lungs.
Life by the sea.

I love waking up to the salt sea filling our room through our open windows. I love the sound of the wind whipping around our house knowing we're safe inside. I love opening the curtains to take in the view of open space, sea, river, greenery, sand. It is the perfect place to live.

There are plenty of mornings when I wake up completely unready to start my day but that first deep breath of sea air makes refreshes my soul. I love the sea.

Last night my husband and I took a long walk on the beach: our beach. The colors of the sunset were magnificent but I vowed that I would not take my camera so that I could relax in our kid-free evening knowing that I had my phone as a backup. Sadly it died and my memory is the only place holding snapshots of that evening sky with its perfect pastel colors reflected onto the sea and shore as birds peck at the newly uncovered food. Sometimes (very often) my hearts shatters at the beauty I get to see around me every day. I love this place.

I don't like sharing iPhone photos on my website but I just had to share this photo of this AMAZING spot that I found. I have this long list of places that is ever growing of locations I'd love to use for sessions. So I'm going to put this location out there and if upon booking your session you'd love to be photographed here just let me know! Can't you just imagine you or your family's reflection in that water?!

Aberdeen Scotland Photographer

But I digress...we also finished off that evening with pizza because neither one of us felt like cooking. That's probably because the night before I had a major educational cooking moment when I made boiled dumplings for the first time! My country of choice for this week was Georgia which is located over by Turkey. The food I chose to cook to represent Georgia was 'Khinkali'. If you've ever had perogies they are similar to that but take on a different shape.

They are full of pork and beef with chopped onion. This recipe was no cake walk and I know that next time I make them I will do a much better job but oh. my. goodness they were to die for! If you make them right the meet and water inside the dumplings will release a broth while they cook so that you are supposed to bite off the corner of the khinkali, drink out the broth and then eat the rest. It's like a self-contained soup. Mine did not have enough water. Maybe next time I will add more water or include a meat that would release more liquid. They were still amazing though! Khinkali dinner party, anyone?

So if you're feeling adventurous tonight and want a semi-easy and cheap meal, try your hand at Khinkali! My whole family gobbled them all right up meaning I couldn't even get a good photo! Seems to be a daily problem. I'll take it as a compliment?

Recipe I followed:


Aberdeen Scotland Food Photographer Georgia Khinkali

Lacey + Michael {wedding recap} - Aberdeen, Scotland Wedding Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Wedding Photographer

A very sweet bride contacted me today about her wedding next year and it made me realize that in the hustle of moving back to Scotland and redesigning my website (thus deleting the old one) I never re-blogged past wedding! Such a shame! So over the next little while, prepare for wedding overload! I'm excited to reminisce over these weddings that happened before my year hiatus from weddings because of our dramatic move (don't know the story? You can find one of many updates HERE!) and share just a few favorites from each.

First up is Lacey and Michael's wedding! This was such a fun and exciting wedding! These two are so loved.

The Pearson Family {Gleniffer Braes Country Park} - Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photography

Aberdeen, Scotland Family Photographer

This family...honestly...the sweetest and the cutest! They were worth the twelve-hour journey to photograph them! Let me back up...

Aberdeen Scotland UK Family Photographer 2.jpg

The Pearson family contacted me for a session but felt that it was too far to travel to Aberdeen (a three and a half hour drive) with a three year old. I tooootally get the feeling! But knowing that they would be too cute to pass up, I drove to them! It was like a mini day vacation away from the house for me!

I left the house at 6:45am, arrived at our location at 10:00am, photographed them until 11:45am, sat in Starbucks until 2:30 editing all of their photos, drove to their house to present them with their photos, they placed their fabulous print ordered after swooning over their photos and then I drove home, arriving at 6:30pm for Indian food! It was a full on but amazing day! The weather cooperated amazingly considering it was forecasted for lots of rain. So not only was the weather perfect, our location was dreamy and their outfits were on point!

I loved every minute with this family and am thrilled to share their photos with you!


Shamu Datshi {Bhutanese Food} - Aberdeen, Scotland Food Blogger


I feel like the luckiest person alive to live in the beautiful place that I live. I never thought I would live in Scotland again. We always said that we would never move back. Yet, only six short years later and we were right back here but with kids in tow. Funny how life works!

The house we live in is the same house we lived in when we got married which I always said I wanted to own one day. This house is so special to me and so sentimental and I'm overjoyed that I get to raise my kids here by the seaside. Every day I look outside my window and I catch my breath. I absolutely adore it here.

Last night was the first time that my husband and I have been kid-free since Isla was born in 2013. We went away to New York in 2015 but I was six months pregnant so I don't consider that to be a completely kid-free trip since all the walking made it feel like I was going to give birth any second. Not so enjoyable! I actually remember needing to go to the bathroom after walking 10 miles and crying because I was so scared that I was going to give birth right there in that stall. It was a terrifying moment! But I digress...

Last night we went on a much needed date for pizza and wine and then this morning I've continued to be kid-free meaning that I had the slowest and quietest morning and even had time for an hour and a half walk on the beach collecting sea pottery. I am all about sea glass but sea pottery is really where it's at! I think it's so beautiful and truly like a treasure. Maybe that's the short-term Biblical Archaeology major in me loving imagining the stories behind these fragments. 

Aberdeen Scotland Lifestyle Blogger

After this wonderful morning that allowed me to recoup and slow down, I made some delicious Bhutanese food for dinner. Not sure where Bhutan is? You'll find this small country over by India and Nepal. It looks like an incredibly stunning country and I hope that one day I'll get closer than just cooking this one dish!

Aberdeen Scotland Food Photogapher

When researching Bhutanese food I found out that they are obsessed with VERY spicy, chili-laden food and cheese - more specifically, yak's cheese. Well, I don't do spicy because I'm a wimp and I can't get a hold of yak's milk. Soooo I had to choose a recipe that is still really popular in Bhutan but is not spicy and has a different type of cheese. The dish is called Shamu Datshi and literally means mushrooms and cheese. I'm so excited about this simple and delicious dish! I also had to sadly replace the red rice that Bhutanese food is known for because I couldn't get a hold of it here, but if you can where you live you should buy it because it's apparently packed full of amazing vitamins!

I know my photo makes the food look less than appealing, but honestly it's SO good. Next time though I would choose a different cheese than feta for the recipe because it ended up too grainy once melted down. But definitely worth a try!


Recipe followed:

Shamu Datshi Aberdeen Scotland Food Blogger